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Seamless, secure, and fast shipments between the EU, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia – we are your experienced logistics service provider with a focus on sustainable, comprehensive solutions. Mastering tasks such as transports to Eastern Europe and DDP deliveries with customs clearance. Benefit from our diverse vehicle fleet, multilingual employees, and regional warehouses with great traffic connections.

MARTIN Internationale Spedition & Handelsgesellschaft mbH

We move your goods. Safely. Our Eastern Europe logistics operations revolve around a broad range of offers that covers all logistics services to and from Eastern Europe and the Central Asian countries. We ensure a comfortable, sustainable, and secure entry into lucrative growth and sales markets for our partners from the EU.


Hazardous materials or heavy loads? One-time deliveries or regular shipping? Our specialised fleet ensures quick and secure transports to Eastern Europe.
Customs clearance
Bureaucratic nuisances? Our services take them away. Our on-site employees make sure that your goods pass through customs correctly and our own warehouses and branches offer seamless processes.
Trade partnerships
We represent your economic interests in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Our multilingual employees understand the cultures they work with and conclude new business contracts with regional trade partners on your behalf.


Why do so many partners from Germany and the rest of the EU rely on our services? Because our company represents the following values:
Top quality
Professionality is paramount to us, from picking up your goods to passing them through customs. All your orders are processed to meet the highest demands on quality.
Personal contact with customers
We don't see ourselves as mere service providers. We are a logistics partner that always offers you personal and individual care.
Our guarantee
We ensure quick deliveries, seamless customs clearance, and completion as requested – that's our promise to our clients.
Service by professionals
Excellent language skills, experienced partners, reliable drivers – our team of experts handle every order and every process stage with the utmost professionality.
Get in touch with us, using our simple and non-binding contact option. We are delighted to receive your message and answer every request in person.
E-mail: info@martin-is.com
Phone: +49(0) 30 3980 9712
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MARTIN Internationale Spedition &
Handelsgesellschaft mbH

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+49(0) 30 3980 9712

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