Punctual and secure transports to Mongolia

Transports to Mongolia

Our logistics operations have specialised in trade between Mongolia and Europe. With us, you benefit from flexible, comprehensive logistics offers.
Companies from both Germany and the rest of Europe are increasingly focusing on trade with Mongolia, with new business activity driven by the availability of commodities at attractive prices and growing sales markets. With this, the demands placed on logistics activities to and from Mongolia have increased significantly. Our transport company boasts many years of experience in trade with Central Asia, offering a broad range of services for all import and export transports to and from the region. We will gladly ship your goods, taking into account your specific demands and creating a tailor-made logistics concept. Discover more about our range of Mongolian transport offers.

Transportation options

Benefit from our attractive full-service transport offers to Mongolia.
We generally export all types of goods to Central Asia or import them to Germany, confidently handling hazardous materials, heavy cargo, or oversized unit goods with a diverse vehicle fleet. Our specialist Mongolian transports department builds on this foundation to create a multimodal logistics plan by air, sea, and land. The most convenient option is often a full truck load, which allows for the quick and on-time delivery of larger freight volumes. Of course, we will also gladly ship very small volumes with overall weights starting at one kilogramme: with groupage transport, you additionally benefit from attractive prices. Are you looking for express delivery to Mongolia? We're ready for the challenge, exclusively transporting your goods in a vehicle on request as well. Our further logistics services for Mongolia include B2B relocations, pre and post-shipment, the transport of high-value goods, and shipments to trade fairs or exhibitions in Central Asia. As a rule, we design all shipments options as a comprehensive logistics chain, offering all benefits of a full-service solution.

Customs clearance in Mongolia

We also support your trade activities with Mongolia with a range of services that reach beyond the mere shipment of goods. These include customs processing for DDP deliveries and the assumption of administrative duties. Our planners will gladly develop an offer tailored to your needs.
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