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DDP deliveries with complete customs processing for Russia and Central Asia

Pass through customs in Eastern Europe – simple and secure

DDP deliveries to Russia – Belarus – Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan
Our employees on site create all necessary documents, make payments on your behalf, and ensure rapid processing.

With our customs clearance service, you are given even easier access to trade opportunities with Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan, building on our network of branches with qualified agents in the destination countries. Our specialists create all necessary documents in the local language and personally ensure seamless processing if required. Exclusive customs warehouses guarantee even greater scheduling and goods security for our customers.
The focus of our customs processing activities is placed on the eastern border of the EU. A conscious decision, as countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and of course Russia offer attractive import and export opportunities for international companies. However, these companies often struggle with local languages, culture, and regulations. We have developed our comprehensive service offers in order to support such companies, with complete import and export solutions, ranging from transport to customs clearance, for trade with partners in our focus countries of Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan.

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DDP delivery support for Russia Kazakhstan BELARUS UZBEKISTAN

DDP deliveries: a proven model

DDP deliveries are the easiest way to conduct export and import trade with Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
Professional customs clearance: great benefits for you and your trade partners
We offer the right solution for you, building on our long-standing experience in the fitting logistics services. With our strategically distributed warehouses and multimodal transport chains, we can deliver even the smallest packages to recipients. Of course, we also competently handle comprehensive orders including the transport of hazardous materials or heavy loads. And you always reap the benefits of our first-class full-service offers:

DDP stands for "delivered, duty paid". In other words, it includes both the delivery of your goods as well as the customs processing, including payment of all duties and the creation of all documents. We provide comprehensive support in the conclusion of lucrative contracts with Russian, Kazakh, Tajik, and Uzbek business partners. All our services (punctual DDP delivery, customs clearance for Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Russia, and Kazakhstan) are available for both imports and exports.

A detailed look at our portfolio

Our comprehensive range of transport and customs processing services ensures complete solutions tailored to your needs. We assume the following tasks for you:
- Creating customs documents, including electronic customs filing
- Coordinating a comprehensive logistics chain
- Concept development for warehouses and logistics
- Delivery of your products and goods to you or your customers
- Administrative tasks (contract conclusion, document creation)
- DDP service
- Import and export customs filing with us as your distributing partner
Naturally, we ensure that all transport and customs processes, up to delivery, are transparent and comply fully with all regulations. This is what we, as the experienced and reliable partner of numerous German and international companies, stand for.

Customs clearance in Russia and Central Asia is challenging from more than just a bureaucratic point of view – it also requires competences such as flexibility and organisational skill. Our multilingual staff speak the language of the authorities, which is a tremendous asset; moreover, regular trainings contribute to the comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of our employees with regards to the legal requirements and their implementation. This team of professionals are available on site to support all your import and export trade activities. You can find more information about DDP deliveries on the following website:

Customs clearance by experts

Multilingual and highly qualified – our employees at work for you
Customs clearance Russia
Russia offers a huge market for export goods such as machines, chemical products, and electronics. At the same time, there are lucrative import opportunities, for raw materials for example. This is why we are represented regionally with our own agents, offering our customers a full and diverse range of logistics services on top of the regular Russian customs clearance activities. Read more about customs clearance in Russia
Customs clearance Belarus
Many companies from Germany and the rest of Europe are drawn to the lucrative sales market and interesting raw materials of Belarus. They are eager to explore new trade opportunities, but are often faced with obstacles in the logistics and bureaucratic processes. We offer the fitting service to take away the time and cost-consuming customs clearance duties from you, to allow you to focus on conducting trade with Belarus. Read more about customs clearance in Belarus
Customs clearance Kazakhstan
With us, you can reap the full benefits of the economic transitions in Kazakhstan. Demand for German and EU import is great in this Central Asian country. With our comprehensive customs clearance services for Kazakhstan, we enable imports and exports of goods and raw materials from the country by the Caspian Sea to the EU. Read more about customs clearance in Kazakhstan
Customs clearance Uzbekistan
There is still great unexplored potential for economic collaborations between Uzbekistan and the EU. We make it much easier for our customers to enter into the Central Asian market and exploit the various opportunities, assuming all customs clearance tasks in Uzbekistan. On request, we can also offer a range of other attractive services for this country. Read more about customs clearance in Uzbekistan
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