Delivered, with duties paid

Customs clearance in Belarus

Quick and straightforward shipments to Belarus by DDP: we offer our customers attractive full-service solutions, including customs clearance for Eastern Europe logistics.
Many companies from Germany and the rest of Europe are drawn to the lucrative sales market and interesting raw materials of Belarus. They are eager to explore new trade opportunities, but are often faced with obstacles in the logistics and bureaucratic processes. We offer the fitting service to take away the time-consuming and costly customs clearance duties from you, to allow you to focus on conducting trade with Belarus. Our experienced and highly qualified employees assume all administrative tasks on your behalf, with so-called "DDP shipment to Belarus" (DDP: delivered, duty paid). Read more about the various benefits for you.

DDP - Delivered Duty Paid - Belarus

Import and export customs clearance in Belarus
When providing our complete DDP shipment logistics services, we accompany you all the way from picking up your goods at your warehouse. In accordance with EU and Belarussian legal requirements, our employees then create the necessary delivery documents and forms. Our multilingual employees offer the great advantage of providing the documents in the language of the respective authority's country, which is often requested in Eastern Europe. The goods are then transported to the target country by our diverse fleet of vehicles, allowing for full track loads, partial loads as well as express shipments and the transport of hazardous materials. Upon arrival of your goods, we coordinate the customs clearance in Belarus, paying all customs duties, fees, and import duties for you. With our precise preparation, linguistically competent employees, and long-standing logistics experience, we swiftly handle the entire process. Not only relieving our customers of administrative hassle, but also delighting your recipients with on-time delivery. The transparent processes ensure peace of mind.

All offers are available for imports and exports to and from Belarus and the EU. We will gladly create a non-binding, customised offer for your Belarussian logistics operations.

Transportation to Belarus

Flexibility is paramount to us, not only when it comes to the types of goods we transport and the routes we take. We also want to offer you great flexibility when it comes to freight volumes. Our intelligent logistics management concept allows us to ship all cargo, without maintaining a minimum weight requirement. We already ship parcels of one kilogramme to Belarus. This is made possible by our precise planning processes and own storage stations, strategically distributed with good traffic connections. The same flexibility applies to the volume and weight of cargo. We look forward to shipping your heavy goods, such as large machines, as well.
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