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Customs clearance in Uzbekistan

We make it even easier to trade with import and export partners in Uzbekistan. With our DDP delivery service, we handle the entire customs clearance process on your behalf.
Uzbekistan is an attractive market outside of the EU; however, this also means that goods have to pass through customs to reach you or your trade partner. We strive to simplify the bureaucratic processes to the greatest possible extent, with comprehensive logistics services. Our DDP Delivery Uzbekistan services encompass extensive support, from picking up your goods to customs clearance and final delivery. Read more about the entire service package in more detail.

DDP - Delivered Duty Paid - Uzbekistan

Benefit from our attractive, full-service DDP customs clearance offers in Uzbekistan.
No company can afford shipment delays due to problems with customs at the Uzbek borders; however, it only takes one incomplete form, communication difficulties, or unawareness of the procedures for everything to grind to a halt. With our service, you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly and that your goods will cross the border swiftly. To this end, our experts already create the necessary documents in the regional language beforehand. With our long-standing experience and up-to-date knowledge of the current requirements, the clearance itself takes very little time. We also pay all costs (fees, taxes, duties) on your behalf. This service covers both export to Uzbekistan as well as imports to the EU. After successfully completing the customs clearance in Uzbekistan, your goods are delivered. Naturally, you can keep track of the transparent process, in compliance with all regulations, at any time.

If your DDP delivery has a destination in Uzbekistan, your benefits extend beyond just our customs clearance service. Our entire range of logistics services, also including the transport of hazardous materials and express shipments, is at your disposal. This diverse range of offers allows our planning professionals to create a complete solution tailored to your demands, coordinating the entire logistics chain up to final delivery. This range of services is rounded off by our administrative services in Uzbekistan, including concluding contracts with your business partners, creating delivery documents, and paying the authorities.

Transportation to Uzbekistan

Flexibility is paramount to us, not only when it comes to the types of goods we transport and the routes we take. We also want to offer you great flexibility when it comes to freight volumes. Our intelligent logistics management concept allows us to ship all cargo, without maintaining a minimum weight requirement. We already ship parcels of one kilogramme to Uzbekistan. This is made possible by our precise planning processes and own storage stations, strategically distributed with good traffic connections. The same flexibility applies to the volume and weight of cargo. We look forward to shipping your heavy goods, such as large machines, as well.
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