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The economic relationships between German and Russian business partners are remarkably diverse. Raw materials and metals are important import goods, while machines as well as chemical and electronic products can be exported to make attractive profits. Flexible, reliable, and dependable logistics services are vital in exploring this diverse trade potential. And that's exactly what we have to offer, with a fleet of diverse transport units. On request, our planners work out a seamless logistics chain that meets your custom demands – from your warehouse to the end recipient.

Our range of services

What logistics services do we offer to support your trade with Russia? An overview of our comprehensive offers to meet all demands
Express shipments
Use our express delivery service and benefit from our well-developed infrastructure, flexibility, and wealth of experience. Most destinations in Russia can be reached in just a few days: Moscow is only four to six days away, for example. Need even faster delivery? Use our air cargo service or have a vehicle drive your goods exclusively.
Groupage shipments
Groupage shipments offer the best value for money. Our system of warehouses already collects goods with a weight starting at one kilogramme. Your goods are shipped to Russia together with other parcels – at low costs and on-time.
High-value shipments
Are you looking to transport high-value goods? Then you probably value safety and punctuality above all else. With our intelligent concepts and specialised transport units, we meet your discerning demands. In addition, our experts work out secure, tried-and-tested transit routes.
Heavy and bulky transports
Heavy and bulky transports to Russia require solid and detailed preparation. Our experienced specialists are up for the challenge. This includes planning potential routes, coordinating the heavy-freight transport, and collaborating with the competent authorities.
B2B relocations
Are you planning a relocation of your company to Russia or set to open a new branch? Trust in us as your reliable relocation logistics partner – we transport all types of loads, ranging from individual cartons to complete offices. Our door-to-door service ensures that your new company premises are set up quickly.
Trade fair and exhibition transports
Trade fairs and exhibition transports come with specific demands. In accordance with Carnet ATA, goods are allowed to be imported for a limited period without incurring import charges. We will create the necessary documents in order to let you reap the benefits from these trade fair and exhibition shipment rules. Afterwards, we securely deliver your goods directly to the fair grounds.

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Useful information about transports to Russia

Complete solutions for your successful import and export activities
We open up a world of possibilities in the largest country on our planet
Professional logistics services to and from Russia encompass more than just transporting goods over the EU external borders (for which we offer a special customs clearance service). Good Russian logistics operations also need to cover very large stretches of road. The Earth's largest country spans many thousands of kilometres from the north to the south and the west to the east. Our experts have worked out the ideal routes to transport your goods quickly and securely. Sometimes, this route changes with the season and we optimise each individual delivery. With our daily drive from Belarus to Chukotka in the east, we always have up-to-date information on the road conditions. Naturally, this high frequency also offers you the benefit of quick deliveries – even to remote regions
Flexibility is paramount to us, not only when it comes to the types of goods we transport and the routes we take. We also want to offer you great flexibility when it comes to freight volumes. Our intelligent logistics management concept allows us to ship all cargo, without maintaining a minimum weight requirement. We already ship parcels of one kilogramme to Russia. This is made possible by our precise planning processes and own storage stations, strategically distributed with good traffic connections. The same flexibility applies to the volume and weight of cargo. We look forward to shipping your heavy goods, such as large machines, as well.
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Request your transport quote for our logistics services in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia now. We offer excellent value for money as well as fast and reliable transports, building on our long-standing experience
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